why *I* write.

a couple weeks ago for my english class, we had to read this essay called ‘why i write’. i don’t remember who wrote it, but if i remember what it was about, that’s already more than you can expect from me.
and i liked it. so i thought i’d come up with my own reasons.

(note that i’m referring to sitting down and writing about whatever i feel like, not papers for school. such as the one due tomorrow that i haven’t started)

i write because my thoughts fascinate and entertain me, and other people like to be fascinated and entertained too.
i write because i don’t like keeping my opinions to myself.
i write because it helps me think. things make sense to me when i see them on paper.
like the guy who wrote the above essay, i write because i like to be read. note comments are my favorite kind of notifications.
i write so that people will remember me.(mrs. montgomery told me once that i had a very distinct writers voice, i guess that means you can easily tell it’s me? and people have said reading letters from me is like having me in the room for a minute, because i write the same way i talk.)
i write for me. i like going back and reading old notes. i like having something to encourage me when i say i can’t live through something, finding out i already have.
i write to, possibly, help people.
but mostly, i write because i just plain love it.


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