stories about school


i’m trying to think of the right word for this, i think it goes something like, OH MY GOSH. this is my new second favorite place in the world.
it took about a semester and a half to make 5 friends at charleston southern. here, in a day and a half, i made about 50. everything just feels different, in the best way possible. i remember how to be myself here. i feel like we’re all this big weird family.
then earlier i started thinking, why the heck did not God not send me here from the start? why waste a year of my life at csu when i could have been here all along? but i thought a little more, and i remembered all i learned from that horrible year. knowing all of that is probably making me appreciate it more here. i have all that to compare it to. and also, there’s something about this specific group of people. i might have had to wait a year for just that reason. i’m thinking God’s got plans, He always seems to. =]
as i’ve said about 16 times already, i totally love it here.


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