stories about school

vulnerability and accountability.

so i keep thinking, this is as amazing as this place can get, then God proves me wrong.

today was the second to last day of welcome week. this morning during worship, they had a song playing, and all these people walking across the stage holding these big sheets of cardboard with something they had struggled with written on it, then they’d flip it over and it would have the way that God had transformed them. (i was of course one of the many people who cried.)

then tonight we had a candlelight service/commitment time where we talked about areas where we needed to be held accountable. a bunch of the student leaders shared testimonies and gave us things to call them out on from time to time. it’s so amazing to me how honest people are around here. it’s encouraging to see that they’re just as messed up as we are and aren’t pretending to be perfect. it’s easier to come and talk to people like that. then we were given time to pray and think about what our weakness is that we need people to watch out for us on. mine is my quiet times. i’m in a habit of just picking up my bible, reading the few chapters in my guide to get through it in a year, without really thinking about the words i’m reading, then going on with my day as if that counts as legit time with Jesus. i need to be taking more than just ten minutes, reading until i actually get something out of it, and most importantly i really need to get to praying. (ADD people have the worst time with this) i rarely take time to sit still and talk to God, and much less to listen to him. as i go about my day, i say random ten second-ish prayers for people i pass by, but it’s never enough. so if you happen to remember, ask me now and then what i learned in my quiet time, and/or how well i’ve prayed that day.

then we went out to the prayer towers, lit candles like christmas eve, and worshiped. it was just like camp, only i was surrounded by people my own age, instead of little girls that i need to keep quiet.(not that i don’t love outdoor worship at camp, but you get it)

i’m so beyond excited about so much right now. this year is just looking more incredible the closer it gets.


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