stories about memories

earlier memories of ciu…

yesterday, i walked in the bookstore and realized that ciu has almost always been a part of my life. and really, if it weren’t for this school, my life would be completely and totally different.

when i was seven, my dad started looking for a new job. we lived in virginia at the time. i’m not sure how he heard about it, but somehow he started applying for some job at ciu. we drove down to look around the school and for him to have his interview(or i think this is how things went). i remember the campus looked so much bigger back then. scott was only 3 and a half, and me and him were skipping on the sidewalk in front of the fitness center singing the wizard of oz and daniel was yelling at us. we got to eat in the cafeteria, and i didn’t like anything they were serving, so all i ate was mashed potatoes(eating them here now makes me laugh). and all this time, walking around and looking at everything, i never imagined i’d go here 11 years later.

eventually dad got the job, and we left the frozen wasteland and moved to my beautiful favorite south carolina. back then if you walked past walker, you’d look in front of you where the apartments are now and you’d see all these trees with a little road in the middle, and it went down this really steep hill to where these separate semi-dorms were. on the other end of campus there was this street with these houses where they let the grads/seminary/married students live, and that’s where we lived in our first month or so. i remember celebrating my eighth birthday in that house and getting a stuffed larry boy.

people knew us around there. we’d go to the student center almost every day and play bumper pool(that isn’t there anymore), or sometimes we’d find some nice college kids(only back then of course we didn’t call them kids, we’d call them grown-ups. i’m not even sure we understood that they were in school) that would play ping pong with us. if we were really good, mom would let us go in the bookstore and get candy. (we thought we were awesome that we got like ten cents off because dad worked there) i always got an airhead and did the whole thing where you shake it for like an hour so it gets real puffy, and one day i taught the girl behind the counter how to do it, and every day after that i’d go see her and ask if she’d tried it yet. i was sad when we found a real house and moved off campus, but it was always a big deal to go visit dad at work. as we got older we stopped caring and didn’t do it as much.

years later, dad quit his job there, got a new job, and made us move to lexington. but then i met lynette, and all the youth group girls would go hang out at her dorm on friday nights now and then. she’d talk about the school some, but i still somehow never pictured myself here.

in, i think it was 2008, dad quit his other job and came back to ciu. that was when i had suddenly decided i wanted to go to college, but i had my heart set on charleston southern and refused to look anywhere else, and ciu was most definitely out of the question. it’s too close to home, i don’t need a bible college when i’m not looking to be a missionary or anything, i’m not going to someplace with a whole ton of rules, and on and on.

but then, i learned. it’s actually the perfect distance from home. i may not necessarily need a bible college, but i love that it’s that way. and really, it’s not pensacola or bob jones, or even north greenville. everything about it is perfect.

now all this whole thought process is while i’m picking up my books and stuff. then while i was walking past wmhk, i realized how this is the reason for so many things in my life. we would never have moved to sc if it weren’t for ciu. which means i would never have known of camp, never met any of the people who influenced my life. there would have been others i know, but never as perfect as it ended up. and plus, the way i would talk would get laughed at a lot less =] it’s amazing how much God used this place in my life even before i got here.

and to think that all it used to mean to me was the place where we got airheads.


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