stories about school


i’m at my house, sitting in my room, and even though i like the purple walls better than the ugly white ones in my dorm, and i’ve got free laundry, and it’s 80 degrees in here, i’m missing school. i was there only 6 hours ago and i miss it.

csu never felt like home. when i’d come home on weekends, i’d cry myself to sleep the night before thinking about going back. but now, home is ‘my house’ and ciu is ‘home’.

my favorite thing about camp besides the campers, is getting to always be around people that love me. (i hate being alone and i hate not having a constant source of hugs). so when i finished high school, the thing i was most looking forward to about college was of course the people. i figured it would be like camp, only i’d have school at the same time, and i’d get to know everyone even better since we’d have a whole year instead of just a summer. when i didn’t get that, i thought, okay, so college isn’t camp. well crap. after i got accepted to ciu, i’d heard that it was like a big family, but i had heard the same thing about csu(although, not from as many people, and not as much) so i didn’t quite believe it. then i got here.

within an hour i knew it was different. the RAs know our names and care about us. everyone on our hall actually talks to each other instead of just their roommate(who they most likely knew before they came) and a couple other friends. i feel like i live with 20 of my sisters. it really is a lot like camp(only instead of taking care of 12 kids every week, we have to worry about school).

i’m getting more excited about this year every day. God is already working so much and i can’t wait to see what he has planned next!


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