stories about school

ah, classes.

so school has really started now. and it’s still just as amazing if not more so.

our first days of each class were spent learning anything but what we would normally. first world civ, we glanced over the syllabus, then learned how to organize our lives. first old testament, it took the entire class time to take role, partly because there’s a lot of people, but mostly because dr crutchfield gets into story telling mode worse than even me. first ics, we just watched a video(but it was actually about what we’ll be learning about, so i guess that counts as a real class), it’s my favorite class hands down. it’s like a semester long explore group!(non-camp people: that’s when the kids learn about a missionary.) then ciu 101, which i call ciu LOL, first because it looks like that when i write 101, and second because the class is just pointless. but, like freshman seminar at csu, it’s an easy A and a nap all in one.

it’s late, and i can’t think of anything interesting to say. but it’s been like 3 days…i’ll write something else tomorrow.

God is just amazing.


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