stories about nothing and everything

just random thoughts.

–i thank God so much that horrible things happen in the outside world when i’m at school and don’t have to deal with them. i’d so much rather curl up in my bed here and cry, than do the same at my house. it’s so much easier to be happy here.

the only bad thing is being far away from the friends that need me while i’m here.

–i will never get tired of lucky charms or cinnamon toast crunch.

–no one on our hall ever goes to bed later than i do. only once have i ever gone to sleep when there were still voices outside my door.

–one of my complaints when i was applying here was ‘i do NOT want to go to chapel every day’ but really, it’s like going to worship every day when i’m at camp. and just like at camp, it’s most often my favorite part of the day.

–i could play ultimate frisbee all day, any day.

–i have the best RA and the best FLTs ever.(not that we had FLTs at csu, but i’m sure if we did they would have sucked. i know what it is to have sucky RAs though)

–just like i said it would, writing feels like a chore now that i made this; facebook notes i could write anytime i felt like it, here i feel like i have to be constantly writing something, which makes me run out of things to write.

–i have 13 ashleys on my facebook friends. one of which is a guy.

–i am a mess. but a lovable one.

–i love my hall and am fixing to go out in it now. i’m bored here.


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