stories about school

i am full.

i have way too many thoughts in my head. but they’re all good ones. i couldn’t decide on one thing to write about, or one title for this post, then i sat back, and like all good psych majors, thought about how this week is making me feel. and i decided, i feel full. like after thanksgiving dinner kind of full. only it’s my heart, not my stomach.
i am full of…
leftover excitement from the beach trip.
and thanks and praise to God. how in the world did i deserve such an incredible life? He sent me to a school that i thought only existed in either my dreams or heaven.

it’s Christian life conference week. which pretty much just means that we get to hear the same awesome speaker every day this week. we went through a series on exodus. i have a whole new perspective on the book now. i love how much i’m appreciating the old testament the more i’m here.
i’ve been so unexplainably happy all week long(not that i’m complaining, but i like understanding why i’m feeling how i’m feeling). then me and victoria decided yesterday that the awesomeness of the beach trip still hasn’t worn off of either of us yet. i think i’ve thanked God for it about twelve times a day since sunday morning.
today was our first prayer day. i’ve been excited for this since the day we got here. i didn’t know quite what to expect, but it was pretty much just a relaxing day full of, well prayer. and worship, and an extra hour of sleep(side note: since when do i consider 8 am sleeping in? this place is doing strange things to me), and two talks from the same guy that’s been doing chapel. (ps, did you ever think about how when pharaoh said “throw all the baby boys in the nile”, he forgot to say, “don’t put him in a basket when you do it”, so technically, moses’s mom wasn’t really even doing anything wrong? yeah, we all loved that.) walking around campus this morning and seeing people praying together everywhere was amazing to me. i’m not sure why i keep being surprised by how much i see Jesus here. i keep thinking it can’t get any better, then it does.
i love it here…


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