stories about school

me, Jesus, my awesome friends, and the beach.

only a week before beth left, i had been craving a youth group retreat. they’ve been the highlights of my year since 11th grade. getting away from life, and spending a weekend hanging out with my friends and getting to know God better, it just doesn’t get any better than that. or so i thought.

well, then this weekend happened. indescribable amazingness. and it was so much better than any retreat.

the place where we stayed was so beautiful. we had the ocean in our backyard. as in, literally. at low tide, there was sand, but most of the time, if you walked halfway down our back steps, you were right in the waves. there were rocks we had to walk over to get to the actual beach(our house was kinda parallel to the ocean), i sat on them with jesus and watched the sun come up the first morning.
we slept outside the first night. and while i was laying there, looking at the stars, listening to the waves splashing on the rocks, i tried to think of words to thank God with. you know those times when you just want to praise him, but you’re speechless? so you just hope he can look past the lack of words in your head and read by what you feel in your heart. i had a lot of those moments there.
saturday night a bunch of us sat out on the porch and worshiped together for a while, then we came inside, sang some more songs, and a few people had awesome stories of how God had used them that day. it amazed me; we may be kind of in vacation mode and we may not have purposely set out to go do missions, but if we’re ready, He’ll still work through us.
sunday morning we got up and had a sunrise service on the beach. the tide was out so there was actually sand to walk on outside our house. just like at camp, worshiping outside is my favorite way. it’s like God is more real to me when i see nature around me instead of walls.
while we were all sitting at breakfast talking about the weekend, i looked around and started thinking like JD does at the end of every episode. if my life were like scrubs, and i was JD, and the weekend was an episode, this is how the monologue would go.
there are 57 of us. half of which i had never met until friday. but i’m figuring out more and more that ciu is the perfect picture of the body of Christ. everyone just loves each other. i feel like i’m with family everywhere i go, even if i’ve only had a 5 minute conversation with them. i don’t even know what the best part of this weekend has been, between getting close to so many new people, getting away from the real world to enjoy creation, feeling God’s presence everywhere…it was just the best 3 days. such and answer to prayer in so many ways.
thanks student union, you made my semester. =]

ok. now the fun side.

what we’ve learned over this weekend:
1. we DO have 17 people with us!
2. don’t confuse the baby turtles!
3. when you walk on the beach at night, your footprints sparkle.
4. eggs not only wake up, but they need to drink milk.
5. my name is spencer.
6. melissa’s name is linda bob, but she goes by bob, she’s a grad student, she’s from alaska, and she’s one of ten kids.
7. looking up a doll’s skirt is never the best idea.
8. owl city is the best stuff to listen to when you’re lost in florence.
9. elephants are awkward.
10. spoons is a traumatizing game.(sorry dav ;] )
11. your eyebrows have no use except for facial expressions.

amelia:[to me] hey princess!
sam: [also to me] hey spencer!
[long awkward silence in which i’m wondering if he’s kidding and i just don’t get it, or if he’s talking to someone else, and sam is wondering why i’m not saying anything]
me: ok, why is my name spencer?
sam: wait, is that not your name?

amelia: we found a bath!
me: a bat??
elizabeth: a bag??


[these next are all from arpit]
“the stars are like sugar in the sky!”
“i don’t want to see anymore food! *victoria hides her leftovers* *5 minutes pass* mm, BROWNIES!”
“but…deer season, is in winter?”
“if you’ve heard that indians are cheap, well, we are.”
 “don’t leave me behind! if you take away the flashlight i’m going to snuff all of you!”


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