stories about school

sometimes good things DO come from mindlessly checking facebook.

so after green light night(we watched taken, made so much more entertaining by crystal freaking out every five minutes =] ), i come back to my room, and i’m about to just take a shower and go to bed early, but like i usually do when i’m either bored or just can’t think of anything better to do with my life, i sit down to check facebook ‘real quick’. and i see melissa says ‘sardines in founders, meet in ten minutes!’ and i think, well hey, i’m not even tired, why sleep when i can play sardines? so i go. we play a round and a half, then we all kind of migrated to the parking lot in front of WMHK and just sat and started talking. like most random conversations at ciu, we turn to talking about things God has been doing in our lives, sharing stories, and other such awesome stuff. people came and went, some just walking by came and joined for a few minutes then left, and this just went on for two hours. and as people start getting up and leaving, saying they had to go to bed, victoria points out something totally awesome: “won’t it be great when we’re in heaven, and we can just sit and tell stories like this and never have to sleep?”
then i thought of matthew 18:20. it says if two are three are gathered in God’s name, he’s there with them. and i looked around and thought, hey, there’s like 14 of us. think about it.
i can never say it enough times or write it enough ways: i love this place with all my heart. this is exactly where God wants me. and my friends are amazing people.
how have i only been here for 4 weeks?


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