stories about nothing and everything

and, time for another one of those posts where i just think out loud for a while.

i feel like i need to write something happier than yesterday. but while i’m having a much better day, i can’t think of anything to write about…so, i’m just gonna write whatever comes in my head, as i think it.

1. i need to study for world civ.
2. the social network is gonna be AMAZING. it’s been so long since i’ve seen a really good movie, and by really good i don’t mean i liked it a lot(since the only movie i’ve seen recently is salt, which i loved), i mean good like what you would call art. i miss movies.
3. chapel is my favorite part of the day.
4. i added about 10 quotes just today to my list of crutchfield-isms. i’ll be posting all of them at the end of the semester.
5. i still need to post all of my quotes from dr barrier and dr martin from last semester…
6. i HATE being treated like a freshman, even though i technically am one, that’s only by credits. this is still my second year in college and i do know what i’m doing.
7. the one thing i do love about being considered a freshman is getting to live on my hall.
8. cross country races are the most boring things EVER to watch, scott had better know i love him.
9. i miss coaching basketball.
10. the south girls are gonna dominate the ciu bowl.
11. my dodgeball team is amazing.
12. i’m legitly going to study now.

one last thing: so i was just thinking the other day that maybe i should go back to facebook, because nobody is reading this. everyone read my facebook notes when i still wrote on there. but then i found that you can see how many views you’re getting on here, so i clicked, and oh goodness, 248 in just a month. that’s like, 20 some every day. so, so, encouraging. i like knowing that i’m helping a few people. =]


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