intellectual property. jealousy. revenge. and justin timberlake.

it pretty much runs the world, but have you ever given much thought to how facebook got that way?
i have.
good little psych major that i am, i wonder more along the lines of how mark zuckerberg thinks. did he expect to get 500 million members in just six years? did he imagine that someday every 9 year old and their mother would be on it? and what the heck is his reasoning behind the constant ridiculous changes? is he happy with the monster he created?
after seeing the social network, my questions aren’t entirely answered. i’m only more intrigued by the whole deal. it’s one of the most fascinating movies i’ve ever seen, and of the few i’ve seen this year, it’s definitely the best(but again, i haven’t seen half enough to honestly make that call).
it’s fall 2003, and mark zuckerberg is an unpopular harvard student wanting to do something big to get the attention of the clubs(because they’re exclusive, and fun, and they lead to a better life). he puts out a simple website comparing girls from surrounding schools, and within 2 hours of getting the site online, he’s gotten 22,000 hits and crashed harvard’s network. seeing the potential this idea has, two spoiled twins and their partner in crime come to mark and ask him to help them make a site just for harvard students. (side note: this movie says nothing about the battle over whether he stole the idea from myspace, which was actually what i had gone in expecting) after saying he’ll consider it, mark creates his own website with the help of his best friend. and the rest is history.
while i was disappointed to hear that there were some inaccuracies, the story is still artfully retold. the blend of flashbacks and “present day”(this just came to me, it’s actually a period piece), and the way that his best friend’s involvement in the lawsuit is slowly revealed, and the viewpoint from which the story is portrayed(you see all sides as opposed to just mark zuckerberg’s), all tell the story well, even if it is a bit overplayed. and since it’s a true story, i can’t really complain about the parts i didn’t like about it.
every line of aaron sorkin’s screenplay, somewhat based on a book which apparently embellished a lot and made a lot of people angry, is incredible. and the actors he has saying them? oh goodness.
jesse eisenberg plays the perfect opinionated genius/nerd/bit of a jerk. he had me convinced from the opening scene and only got better from there.
some stupid people on imdb have gone so far as to say that andrew garfield overacted, but i thought he brought just the right amount of everything to his role as the pushed-to-the-side co founder.
i was shocked when first saw brenda song on the screen, i figured she’d be playing some idiot much like in the suite life of zack and cody, but with the small role she was given, she actually impressed me. (breaking out of her typecast disney self would be a good move for her, i think she might have a little more talent than she’s had the chance to show)
and then, i can’t believe i’m about to say this, but the best part? not the perfect fitting soundtrack. not all the surprising things most people have never considered about facebook(did you know it was at first only available for harvard students? who knew it would eventually be full of annoying 6th graders?). not even the hot german twins. the best part is justin timberlake.
like i said. i can’t believe i’m saying it.
i’ll admit it, i had my doubts. i expected to laugh at him, to wonder why on earth they would choose him to play in what looked like an otherwise great movie. but he blew me away. he is brilliant. absolutely brilliant. he is a completely different person. not one line came out sounding fake like i had anticipated. i didn’t see my least favorite n’sync member(or at least when i was nine and had preferences), i saw the stuck up, idiotic, jerk creator of napster who comes to get in on the growing success of facebook and edge out the person holding it together. he pulls you into his character, and makes you hate him like you’re meant to. he and andrew garfield play off of each other so well, they make you hate sean parker and feel sorry for eduardo saverin, the one with his head on straight, the one with good intentions for the site, the one mark zuckerberg could actually trust.(just to make sure that i am indeed thinking of the right person, i just now found his opening scene on youtube and watched it, and i have chills. he is incredible.)
the gist: this is not a movie about facebook. this is about the people who made facebook. friends. revenge. stupid mistakes. all that being said, like most movies i tend to favor, this is not a “go see it and tell all your friends” type. this won’t be appreciated by a lot of people. but if you’d like to see a great story and some stellar acting all while having your view of facebook changed forever, then enjoy.
and while i’m pretty confident that it will get two or three, if the academy were only to give one nomination to this movie, it would be to justin timberlake for best supporting actor.
yeah, you might just want to see it to prove that i haven’t gone insane.


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