so this is what going off 4 hours of sleep results in.

(i’d done so well with the not procrastinating thing all semester, then i forget two things and have to read all night. but at least some entertaining revelations came from it)

1. i prefer scrapbooking to taking pictures to put in them.
2. i buy cute picture frames all the time but can never decide what to put in them. if i ever give you one as a present, it’s most likely because i can’t decide how to use it for myself.
3. my camera will be 3 years old on sunday. the first time i used him was at the fair with shane and leighanne, and i don’t remember where i got the name harvey. then again, i don’t know where most of my random electronics’ names came from.(my phone is charlie, my old ghetto computer’s name was patrick charles[and it’s monitor’s name was marge{he was a desktop, see}], my laptop’s name is carl, my ipod’s name is frank, my purple flash drive’s name is victor, my black flash drive is frank jr(he held all my music when frank was messed up, so i called him jr), and my desk lamp’s name is luther.
4. harvey was the only good thing that came from babysitting satan’s daughter(i used eight paychecks to buy him, that woman paid me next to nothing for spending 4 hours a week protecting my life from her schizophrenic devil child).
5. i can get on facebook in less than 48 hours. as productive as i’ve been this week, i’m feeling extremely cut off from the world. but now i’ll probably be able to stand getting on for less than an hour a day and only after i’ve done a good amount of homework that day, which was the entire point of taking a break. and to prove to jamie that i could do it.
6. jamie is an awesome roommate.
7. and, then i fell asleep. now i’m awake, tired of writing, and wanting dinner.


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