stories about camp

everything i needed to know about college, i learned from camp.

besides being one of the most incredible ministry opportunities you’ll ever get, camp teaches you things in a way that nothing else could. the summer of 2008 was probably the most surreal learning experience i’ve ever had. besides having my view of camp completely changed(only from behind the scenes can you see its true beauty), it forced me to grow up. and while i learned a lot about just plain old life, i think the first two years prepared me for college more than anything else.
spending up to three weeks at a time there taught me how to live away from home(not that i anticipated this as a problem).
the whole atmosphere in general taught me how to live with people. (i’ve always heard that if you’ve grown up with your own room, getting along with a roommate is harder for you, but i had no problem.[in the case of my csu roommate, it was all her, and even then, it wasn’t that we fought])
weekends taught me how to be an adult, even though i was only 16 when i started.
i learned pretty much every kind of responsibility, how to live off of very little sleep, and what i was meant to major in.
yeah, my life would be an epic fail without camp.
236 days until i am home.

ok, off topic. i’m in one of those moods where i just have to ramble a little.
i love camp. i miss camp with all my heart. as much as i refer to ciu as home, it’s not. true, i’m only a teeny tiniest notch happier at camp than i am here, but that still makes all the difference.
i’m different there. my heart lives there. it’s the only place that i’m fully and completely alive. God made me for camp. i can never feel totally at home anywhere but there.
i miss waking up and praying for each of my girls as i go around the cabin waking them up. i miss the questions they ask. i miss sitting in the sun on fridays, moving from one umbrella to the next, and crying harder with each girl that leaves. i miss the ones that hug me and beg not to go home, whether it’s because home is just that bad(oh, cricket…) or camp is just that great. i miss knowing that i’m being someone’s elizabeth teal. and of course, i miss my staff. i miss talking to jenna until she kicks me out, then standing at her door and talking until i notice she’s fallen asleep. i miss sitting on the cit bed with amber, laughing with our girls and taking turns sweeping. i miss winning cabin capers. i miss random worship sessions with hope. i miss sharing times on fridays. i miss getting notes. i miss encouraging people. i miss being forced to nap. i miss hanging out with missionaries, and their awesome kids.(tonight we had some from kenya come and speak, it made me miss explore groups)
i miss summer. i want it back.


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