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today i flipped to a random day in our 30 days of prayer for the muslims book, and came to the day where they talk about friday prayer, and all the little things they do to prepare for it. and it says to pray that they’ll come to understand God’s holiness, and how only repentance can give us freedom to stand before God.
then i thought. this doesn’t just apply to muslims. shouldn’t this be our prayer for Christians too?
we may not have “ritual cleansings” before we pray or anything, but sometimes we try to cover up our sin or do more good to make ourselves feel like we’ve made up for something wrong we’ve done. instead of repenting, we try to think of some other way to feel right with God.
so while i prayed for the muslims since it’s assigned for class, i spent more time praying for us than anything else. 
then i realized i had 3 minutes to get to class, and left this post unfinished until 2:40.
ok. anyways.
so i thought a little more. (and then i thought even more, so what i’m fixing to say would come out right) we sometimes have a tendency to be hypocritical and judgmental. maybe we think that in some ways, we’re better than other religions, or i should i say, better than the people who practice them. when really, we’re just as messed up. we try to fix ourselves instead of just asking God to forgive us. my pastor at the church i grew up at liked to say, “saying you’ll wait and turn to God when you fix the sin in your life is like saying you’ll wait and go to the hospital when you aren’t sick anymore.” 
i think i’ve gone into ADD mode now. since i’ve stopped thinking clearly enough to get good words out(i promise this whole concept is awesome in my head, i just can’t seem to do it justice), here’s the gist of it: muslims have this whole ceremony deal that they think makes them more presentable to God, when it really does nothing for their hearts. while we do need to pray that they’ll have a way to hear the truth, we also need to see that we do the same thing in our own Christian-ized way.
and that’s where my thought process crashed.


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