last minute thoughts before bed…

1. my dodgeball team consists of some of the awesomest people i know, you guys are SO much fun. (and winning all the time adds to it a little ;] )
2. if “absolutely most simple things possible” were a love language, it would be mine. if i get three hugs in one day, i’ll be smiling for the rest of the week. i get one compliment in football practice and decide i love this game(this had best last for a while, i like having fun with this). i get five minutes with someone i haven’t seen in weeks, and suddenly i don’t miss them anymore.
ok, so i’m still a fan of touch, but still. my point(which i’ve lost, cuz let’s face it it’s late and i ran nonstop all night) was that being as tired as i am, i’m making myself laugh with how easy it is to make me happy.
3. why do they always put nuts in oatmeal cookies around here?
4. this was a good, good, good good day. 
5. ciu LOL is gonna be a challenge to stay awake in. time for sleep.


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