stories about school

a grateful heart.

today in small group, we all decided that for the next seven days, we’ll all try to not complain about anything. like, not one word. and i took it further, and i’m writing down each time i forget.
within two hours, i had whined about five things. one of which was the fact that i wasn’t supposed to be complaining. (ironic, right?)
then, on a walmart run with jamie(where i complained in my head about my phone never getting signal there), i saw why i should never ever complain.
there’s this homeless guy that i’ve seen a few times standing in front of walmart, and he was there again today. like lots of people would, we drove on past, but suddenly God got hold of jamie. we got him some food and turned around to go back to him. now, in my head, i’m freaking out, trying my absolute best to trust that my roommate is trusting God and not trying to get us raped.
after 30 seconds, i knew it was a God thing. it turns out the man is a christian, and he’s taking care of some old people(who are also living on the street) besides just himself. he told us all about what was going on, his honesty caught me off guard a bit, but i needed to hear it.
as we were driving back, i thought about all the things i whine about. the food in the caf. the loud people at midnight. getting up early for class. among other things. really? at least i have food, and i have friends whose craziness i love when i’m not sleeping, and i’m able to be in school. this man here has nothing. and all he’s doing is thanking God that we thought enough to stop and talk to him. plus helping out four other people in his same situation. how can we say that we have problems, or take for granted all that we have?
i think this complaint-less challenge will be a little easier for me now. i have nothing to complain about.


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