stories about school


so i’m sitting here, fighting to stay awake, reading my strengths finder book(which is dead on, by the way. this assessment is legit) for my class in 7 and a half hours. it’s fascinating even at 1 am. of course, i’m one of those people who just loves anything like this, so it shouldn’t be a surprise. i have a little too much fun figuring out why i am the way i am.
i am positive, i’m a developer, i’m strategic, i’m wooing, and i’m empathetic. while i disagree a bit on the order, i’m definitely every one of those five.
the one i zeroed in on was “developer.” that’s like mentoring people, making them feel important, helping them to see what they’re good at. to build on this strength, it mentions making a list of the people who saw something special in you and encouraged you in that. i thought of britnie reid. i remember one day at camp when we were eating lunch between minicamps one wednesday my first summer. i have no idea what we were talking about or what led to this, but at some point she said something like, “you think like a psych major, i think you’re good at understanding people.” the next day God sent my proverbs 31:8-9 revelation my way, and the rest is history.
there are others too, but that was one story i’ve never written before.
i love when people see things in me and i love helping other people see what they’re good at. i’d be really good at what my ADD doctor does, only without prescribing pills. you have to go to school for a long time to do that, you know. but explaining to people who think they’re stupid, that they aren’t, and how they can take their little quirks and put them to use, sounds like fun.
if i’ve learned nothing else from ciu lol, it would be that whatever i end up doing, it has to involve helping people. (i’d still like it to be loving on kids whose parents don’t love them and going to court to talk to the scary lawyers for them, all while showing them Jesus) and i’ll be good at it.
hey, did i just admit to learning something from that class? yep, i guess i did.


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