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my own little world.

our “no complaining for a week” challenge is over. i pretty much failed at it. it doesn’t matter that i’ve had a miserable week(God probably did that on purpose to see what i would do), i could have turned it around if i’d thought enough.
yesterday my wonderful best friend came and took care of me, and i felt better for like an hour. then when i hit my lowest point all week, i went and cried in lauren’s chair for an hour and a half until i remembered that i hadn’t been supposed to be complaining. i realized that’s all i did all week. so as i do with most things, i got in my bed and thought about it. i was listening to matthew west’s new album while i did all this good thinking, and this line jumped out at me:
  “put your light in my eyes and let me see, that my own little world is not about me.”
now see, i really don’t LIKE to be in my own little world. i’d much rather be out seeing people and being in their worlds. and it hit me: i complain a lot more when i’m thinking about myself. maybe i shouldn’t do that so much? um, yeah.
so i’m setting out on the challenge one more time. and this time it will work. but if you do hear me whining, call me out. i’m not so good at breaking habits on my own.
ok. time to write something happy. next post.


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