on south carolina, chick fil a, homeschoolers, the aristocats and youth ministry majors.

1. i love south carolina. i love bipolar weather, piggly wiggly, waffle house, guys that open doors for girls, fried oreos, southern accents and camp la vida. why would anyone live anywhere else?
2. chick fil a lemonade is heaven in liquid form. my record is 3 large refills. and really, no one else has a cow with spelling issues for a mascot, or gives you a free chicken sandwich if you get a large fry and a large drink. or sells you chicken for breakfast. basically it just wins. sorry leighanne. ;]
3. the best compliment i ever get is when someone is shocked to hear that i was homeschooled. and i was, my entire life. but somehow, i’m not as screwed up by it as i thought i was, because i always get good reactions when people find out. i appreciate it.
and actually, one reason i was less than excited about coming here was “i don’t WANT to go to a school with nothing but homeschoolers and mk’s”. but none of the homeschoolers i’ve met here seem like they were. there’s hardly any that i’ve thought, oh, i should have guessed that. it’s good to know there are so many others that turned out okay like me.
4. i was never a disney princess kid. all my favorite disney movies were the ones about animals that talked to each other but the humans have no clue. lady and the tramp is my alltime favorite, but 101 dalmatians is way up there, and last night i found the aristocats on youtube, so i’m watching that right now. it’s so sadly underrated.
5. i love when i get mistaken for a youth ministry major. not that i don’t like being seen as the psychology major type, but i know that it means they think i’m the fun and crazy type, not the quiet and observant(but still cool) type.
but i really do fit the psych type better. i love people and i love to think. i love figuring out how other people think, why they think how they think, and how that makes them act why they act, and helping them understand all the how’s and why’s.
youth min is more like my camp self. loud, fun, crazy, uninhibited, 12 on the inside. which on my best days here, i still am. but for the most part, i don’t know how to be that way in the real world. just at camp. for a while i had thought of double majoring, since this year i’d felt more connected to the older campers than most summers, and especially with everything going on at church, i’d thought maybe God was trying to tell me something. part of me still wonders if that’s what i should be doing, but i think i can do both with just a psych degree anyways, if i do decide that later. and plus, psych is just too much fun to quit.

6. i’ve decided that i just kind of float through life on a big red balloon. usually i’m going along in a happy blue sky, but then when i hit a rain cloud, it takes a while for me to find my way out. and i don’t like to let people know that i’m in there, which only makes the cloud worse. but once i get out, i’m back to myself and it’s like i’d never seen the scary dark clouds before. then i end up hitting another one, and that one is even worse because i get mad for not knowing how to avoid the clouds, and i wonder why i can never remember how to get out since i’ve been in them before. then the cycle starts again.
that’s my favorite thing about here. it’s 99% blue sky.


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