just a thought.

who comes up with this stuff?

i’m always saying that the difference between dr pepper and mr pibb is that dr pepper went to school for longer, and hence learned more about how to taste good. (i hate the question “is mr pibb okay”, which so many countless waitresses have had to ask me[ps, mr pibb is NEVER okay]. one time i asked for dr pepper, and they said “we have mr pibb” and i said, “oh, i’m sorry for you, i’ll just have water.” [then i felt like one of those nasty customers you see in movies, so i gave them a good tip])
but i took a study break to look up what the 23 flavors were, and i just got so much more respect for my liquid heaven. who would have thought to put all these random things together and actually thought they’d taste good?

1. Amaretto(is that even a word?)
2. Almond
3. Blackberry
4. Black Licorice
5. Carrot(!!!!!!)
6. Clove
7. Cherry
8. Caramel
9. Cola
10. Ginger
11. Juniper(i thought that was a planet…)
12. Lemon(really?)
13. Molasses
14. Nutmeg
15. Orange(it’s like they’re taking from sprite and mountain dew and coke)
16. Prune(i think, whoever made this was really bored in the
17. Plum   grocery store and just took the first 23 things he saw.)
18. Pepper(SERIOUSLY.)
19. Root Beer
20. Rum
21. Raspberry
22. Tomato(not cool. this and pepper [and rum since i don’t know what it tastes like] are the ones i can’t taste no matter how hard i try.)
23. Vanilla

so, like with most things, i started thinking. and i thought, how in the world did they think that these 23 things would taste good together? especially when so many of them aren’t even good by themselves. (tomato, pepper, prune, licorice…)
then i thought of camp. of course.
30 some college girls, all thrown together for a summer. all with different personalities, different passions, different points of view. there’s always one or two that don’t seem like they’ll work out. then the campers come. and when you see everyone working together, you realize that when he mixed all these “flavors”, God knew what he was doing.

just like the guy who made dr pepper.


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