stories about nothing and everything

it’s now the MOST wonderful time of the year!!!!!

yesterday was november 1st. which means we’re getting SO close to thanksgiving, in other words, lots of christmas music, lots of hours in the backyard raking leaves and throwing a baseball, lots of homemade soup, lots of hot chocolate, lots of cooking, and my favorites, NO school, NO getting up before 12, and NO cafeteria food. the only thing missing is the farm retreat. the whole season is a little sadder without my favorite part in it.
and then starting december 1st, lots of decorating, lots of christmas movies, even more christmas music, and giving people the presents i’ve been planning for months,(i LOVE shopping for other people. i’m not a fan of getting gifts but giving them is my favorite) except for matthew’s, who i always wait to get until around december 20th.
november 1st to december 25th are my favorite times to be in my house. fall, and christmas, and mom’s soup and bread. for the first time since i came to ciu, i may just remember what it’s like to be homesick. but in a happy way.


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