stories about memories

#tweet your 16 year old self.

hashtags are the most addictive thing about twitter. this one was my favorite ever.
but i’ll be posting about 28 of them because i can’t think of just one.

things my 16 year old self needed to know:
1. stop missing him. in a year and a half you are going to end up VERY irreversibly screwed up.
2. thank your family every day for making you move and taking you away from your “life”. in 3 weeks, you’re about to meet 31 very important people.
3. don’t quit dancing. otherwise you’re gonna gain 15 pounds and all your relatives will start using the phrase “wow, look how big you’ve gotten!” in a non-complimenting way.
4. in a similar vein: don’t be stupid. fricking EAT. elseways, you’ll keep being stupid until you can’t stop it.
5. i’m glad you decided to live for 2 more days, that’s all the time God and beth needed to get to us.
6. be nicer to scott. he grows up to be a pretty wonderful person.
7. listen to your friends. they may have only known you for three months, but they know that he’s a stupid, selfish, immature player who’s absolutely no good for you, besides being two years younger than you. he won’t end up hurting you too bad, but you’ll still feel stupid.
8. be honest. you don’t have to say yes, since your feelings never change, but he’s still one of your best friends and you shouldn’t lead him on for two years without meaning to and end up breaking his heart. a year later you’ll break your own over the whole situation. so…tell him everything right away. as much as you think it will, it won’t hurt either of you.
9. do NOT go and see premonition. the 30 minutes you see before you get smart and leave the theater will make you lose a LOT of sleep for the next 3 years or more. sandra bullock isn’t even good in it, you are missing nothing.
10. please video matthew’s reaction at the end of ET. it’s priceless and i’d like to see it again.
11. the broom game? really, how could you not connect this to camp? you already know the secret!!!!!
actually, i’d never change that. all the time i spent on it, the videos i made, trying to get hints out of the few who knew it, all of that are some of my favorite retreat memories.
12. enjoy every single second you have in youth group as it is at this time. this is its golden age. don’t waste that hour after lunch at the farm. spend more time with that one than this one. don’t read into everything he says; i’ve already warned you, he’s an idiot. don’t waste your tears after ridge haven, you have two more. watch out for the stairs that friday night though, there’s shaving cream on them. really, i don’t have much to tell you about this. this is not the year that you take all this for granted. i wanna be like you.
13. write katie back, you don’t need sleep. you might get to see her again someday if you do.

you know, my 16 year old self rocked for the most part. i don’t have many things to teach her. can i write to my 18 year old self instead and tell her to run away fast?


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