just a thought.

probably the quickest post i’ve ever written.

you know how, in tetris, or at least the one on facebook, if you don’t like the piece they give you, you just hit a button and set it aside until you need it?
daniel says that’s lame and you should just take what you get the first time.
i was replaying that conversation in my head a minute ago, and as i tend to do, i started thinking, and here’s the genius life application i came up with:
don’t you wish, that whatever situation God was dropping into your life, if you didn’t want it or weren’t ready for it yet, that you could just put it on hold and get something else until you’re ready to deal with it?
i do.
i guess God holds a little more to daniel’s view. but oh, if i could just put this work on hold and get thanksgiving break right now…


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