just a thought.

…or so i’ve been told.

i have a way with words.
i am quiet.
i’m a good listener.
i think too much.
i need to think more.
i have too much energy.
i bounce when i walk.
i drag my feet and look really tired when i walk.
i am a big problem.
i know myself amazingly well.
i need to watch my mouth.
i get life.
i should sleep more.
i should eat more.
i eat too much and need to be careful.
i am fiercely loyal.
i have a work ethic that people are jealous of.
i don’t seem like a homeschooler.
i love Jesus a lot.

i actually disagree with most of these(so many contradictions). but thankfully, i honestly don’t care what people think. (unless it’s the last one or something related to that). i’m happy, and i love being me. it’s my favorite hobby.
that last one is my favorite because one of my campers said it. the exact quote was “you seem like you love Jesus a lot. that’s cool. i love Jesus too!”(it made me so happy that i couldn’t think of anything to say except “you’re gonna be the coolest person ever when you grow up.” and then she was smiling for like an hour)
it is cool isn’t it?


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