holy crap. it’s been over a week since i wrote anything, period?

nothing meaningful comes to mind, so, another of these.

1. i have never been this mentally checked out. even in the last few weeks of classes at csu i was more with it than this. i am sick of homework. and early mornings. and tests to study for. and cafeteria food. and people on the hall when i’m trying to sleep.(seriously. i LOVE my hall. to death. but if i hear one more loud voice at midnight, i might just open my door and scream until everyone shuts up.) i hate that i only get 8 days in my christmasy house.

2. i am SO excited to see my camp staff again! 19 days until i get 24 hours with some of my favorite people in the world. i’ve missed them so much more than other summers.

3. i will be living longer because of go check it out.

4. i’ve been posting a whole bunch of those in my facebook statuses, so actually…see my next post.


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