stories about school

misconceptions that need to be cleared up…

1. ciu is full of people who drink and smoke and do drugs.
–full of them? no. like everywhere, i’m sure there’s definitely some(and even that, i don’t personally know anyone who does, i’m just assuming since we’re living in a messed up world, and this is college, there has to be at least a few). but outside of camp, i’ve never met more people in one place that were so on fire for God, and actually living like it.

2. there are too many rules here.
–again, what school are YOU going to? we have more freedom than at least a few other Christian schools i know of. they trust us here. ask someone who goes to north greenville about their rules(no offense to my lots and lots of friends that go there) and you’ll be thankful for how we have it here.
and, to be honest, i actually thought this about us before i came here. i was totally against coming here because i didn’t want to go to “a strict, rules-y Bible college where nobody is allowed to do anything.” but i was stupid and didn’t know what i was talking about. if you go here and you still think this, well, i’ll pray for you or something.

3. everyone here is a judgmental hypocrite and lives in a Christian bubble.
–ridiculous on so many levels. first. nobody is perfect. you’re probably a judgmental hypocrite too sometimes. this problem is not unique to ciu. second. yes, there are plenty of them, but there are also plenty of legit people too. and at the very least, the professors and all the people who count are real. they live what they believe and they encourage us to do the same. sitting around talking about how other people are judgmental hypocrites is judgmental in itself, so worry about your own self and make sure YOU are living what you say you believe and giving this place a good name. (seriously, listen to yourself. you’re saying you’re better than the people who think they’re better than everyone else. there is no difference in you and them.)

4. and finally…i hope complaining about the complainers doesn’t make me one of those judgmental hypocrites you speak of. but it just bothers me that some people don’t see all the great things that i see here. i wish everyone was as happy with it as i am. not that this will probably change anyone’s mind…but maybe they’ll stop venting their opinions to me. much like a homesick camper crying to me about wanting to go home, i’m not the best person to complain to about my second favorite place either.

ok. that’s all i have to say about that. long story short: i love ciu and everyone here and i have nothing but good things to say about it. i found where God lives when it’s not summer. =]


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