stories about camp


i’ve never seen camp in the winter, but i’ve thought about it. i figured it would be sad to see, but even when everything is brown and dead, and you can see unit 1 from the admin and the lake from cabin 5’s deck since there’s no leaves on the trees, it’s still the most beautiful place in the world. it’s just sleeping. in the summer when we come back, it’ll wake up and be all green and alive again.
i think working at camp gives people a bond that can’t be explained by anyone or understood by those who aren’t in it. in two short months you go from coworkers to friends to sisters. so when i got there yesterday, after bruising a few people and hugging everyone in sight, i sat down and it was like a sunday night when we’d only been apart for a weekend. i was home with my family and nothing had changed. with them, i am who i am and everyone loves me for it. i don’t get that anywhere else.
once a camp friend, always a camp friend. i’m starting to see the truth in that more and more.

oh. and as per jane’s request, this is how my mind works towards camp.
i think about camp probably about once an hour, sometimes more or less. if you notice me zoning out now and then, i’m probably there in my head. i don’t talk about it much because it annoys people, but i am always either thinking about it or praying for it or just plain missing it.
and i dream about it a LOT. so a lot of times i’ll wake up really sad cuz i’m not actually there.
so when i’m there for a short time, like yesterday, or open house, it takes a while to sink in that it’s real and i keep waiting to wake up(i have really vivid dreams, see, and it’s NOT fun to wake up from them). but it makes me happy when i don’t. lightbulb: maybe this is why i don’t sleep much at camp. i’m subconsciously afraid of waking up and being somewhere else.
this all probably makes me sound crazy. but we knew that already. =]


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