stories about memories

back in time.

i don’t have a lot of regrets, and even those few things that i do, i wouldn’t change them.
but i’d still like to be able to go back in time. for very different reasons than most people.

i want to relive my junior and senior year, exactly as they happened. i wouldn’t change a single word of a single conversation, not a single a moment of a single event. (although, when we got up to senior year the week before ridge haven, i think i’d try a little harder not to get sick. that still turned out to be a pretty great weekend, but i slept through more of it than i would have liked to)

i’d cement the memories as firmly in my head as i could, knowing now that there wouldn’t be many more moments like them. i think i would try to journal more. just a subtle change that wouldn’t affect any outcomes.

i’d have to fight to not change my naive senior’s mind and tell them not to go to csu. i had to live through all that pain to get me to ciu. i wouldn’t have gotten this rainbow without that storm.

then i would skip freshmen year and go right to this summer, and continue from there to now. basically i’d live over all the happiest years of my life and ignore the bad ones, leave everything as it was, no messing with history or anything.

when will someone invent THAT kind of time machine?


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