just a thought.


continued from my earlier facebook status.
i get pretty angry anytime i see a commercial or a poster or anything about kids being hurt or abused or neglected or kidnapped or anything else other than being hugged and given candy(although, scott pointed out that pedophiles do that too, but you know what i mean). i was talking to a bunch of people the other day about our evangelism classes and how a lot of us(me included among the worst) are freaked out of our minds at the thought of having to go out and evangelize three people in order to pass the class. so i was praying last night for God to change my attitude and give me more of a willingness to get out of my stupid way-too-small comfort zone and show some people why life is worth living.
then as the words “lost people” came out of my mouth(or my head, but since i was TALKING, in my head, it still makes sense. i digress), something clicked and my mind went to the missing kids posters.
i realized that i get more upset over these kids than i do when i think about people who are lost, as in really really lost.
yes, the innocent little kids needing to get back home is serious, but all kinds of people with empty lives is bigger. and it should matter more than anything else.
so while i’m still feeling totally inadequate and underqualified(which i’m sure most everyone else in my class is too), i’m not terrified anymore, and i’m willing. that’s pretty much the point of the class anyways, to teach us, so i figure it won’t be so hard soon. and now, i WANT to learn. i think it’s okay to be scared. as long as it doesn’t stop me.


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