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me and sam gamgee and sports analogies(mike thompson would be proud).

remember how i’m making myself read lord of the rings since i never have?(see my “to do list for 2011” post)
and i really do mean MAKING myself. these things are more boring now than they were when i tried them in eighth grade. so i’m reading just one chapter a day.
yesterday i was thinking about the litter of gerbils i had that i gave lord of the rings names to, and then i was thinking about the hobbits and comparing them to my friends, and then i tried to think which one i was. easy choice.
i am sam. sam i am…and the dr seuss quotes end there, promise. i’m not at all a leader, but i’m an eager and fiercely loyal follower. sam would never let anyone hurt frodo, but he’s not always defensive of himself; i take all kinds of crap from everyone, but i’ll take on anybody who dares try anything on any of my friends. i’m like a lap dog and a pit bull in one. i’ll do anything for people i care about, but then when somebody tries to mess things up, you see how mean i can get. just like sam may seem like kind of a coward, but if he had to die to save the other three hobbits, i’m sure he would.
and instead of being the person doing big things that people notice, i’d rather protect the people doing the important things. i’m a supporter and an encourager and a listener, not a planner or a doer or a [major]speaker. if having people’s back was a spiritual gift, that would be mine.
i realized i’m this way in pretty much all sports too.
in football, i don’t even know the name for what i did(they called me a running back, but i NEVER touched the ball the entire game. running backs get to catch the ball and run. i’m not bitter…), but i like being that person that stands with the quarterback and blocks anybody who gets through the o-line.
in dodgeball i’d rather grab the balls and throw them to everyone else than be the one throwing or catching. (my team called me their golden retriever)
in soccer, even though i suck at every possible thing, i like being goalie(even when i was six and played on a team, but they would never let me do it)because, besides my whole liking to protect things thing, i also hate running, i suck at kicking, i love to watch the game and can do that while “playing”, and if my reflexes didn’t suck so bad, i would probably be really good at it(i can always judge exactly where the ball is gonna go, i just usually can’t jump to that place fast enough). i don’t like being the one scoring the goals; i LOVE stopping the other team from scoring so that my team can score. taking the glory from the bad guys and giving it to my friends. i do the job everyone hates so that they can do the job they love.
and with my most favoritest ultimate frisbee, which is the only sport besides softball that i’m really really good at, i’m still best at defense, even though i do like catching and throwing and running in that case.
i wish i could think of a softball/baseball analogy, but i love everything about it. i’m perfectly happy to play any position, and besides, everyone bats a few times(unless you’re a pitcher in the american league of course) and everyone plays in the field a few innings(again, unless you’re a designated hitter in the american league, then you take the pitcher’s spot at bat and never play defense), so it’s not like there’s much choice. this is why it’s my favorite sport, you get to do everything, even if you’re better at one than another.
i drifted way off topic and now all i can think about is how i bad i wanna go play baseball, so…my point? i think it was something like this: i don’t like the lord of the rings books, i’m a lot like sam gamgee, “fiercely loyal” doesn’t even come close to what i am, i’m a goalie because i like taking care of people, and i love baseball a lot. the end.
does anyone at ciu play? =]


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