stories about memories

goodbye 2010.

(this was written december 30th. i somehow never published it until now when i found it in my drafts.)

1. in two days, i will have lived in 3 decades, 2 centuries and 2 millenniums all before turning 20. (i know most people think that happened this year, but this was NOT a new decade, just like the year 2000 didn’t start a new millennium)

2. i think this is the first year since maybe ninth grade that movies have not run my life. i didn’t even keep a list, and i probably saw less than 30 anyways. while i still love them and appreciate them and would still write reviews if i had the time(or the money to still have netflix), my life doesn’t revolve around them anymore, and i like it that way.

3. i’ve had another “best summer of my life.” i’ve said that the past three summers, but i really have meant it every time. instead of burning out a little each year, i love it more each year. and somehow the staff has been awesomer every year too.

4. transferring to ciu was probably one of the the best decisions i ever made, not just this year, but ever. i’ve already gone on about this enough in other posts, so you can read more about it there. God so knew what he was doing when he let me fail out of csu.

5. so much has changed. i’ve lost people. i’ve found new ones. God has kept growing me, some in more painful ways than others. but who said change was easy?

6. i learned how to like school, a little too well probably. another God thing. (i never used to be such a workaholic)

7. this year’s ridge haven was by far the best retreat i had ever been on, including all the fall retreats too. i should have known it would be the last of its kind, but at the time, all i could do was look forward to the next one.

8. i’ve always hated having my birthday at camp, since in ’08 and ’09 they were two of the worst birthdays i’d ever had, but this was the most special one i’ve had probably in my whole life, not just that i’ve had at camp. the only thing missing was scott. or any of my family for that matter. i’m only 19, i’m too young to have a family-less birthday yet.

5 best days of the year:
  1. march 8th.(the best day ever)
  2. july 10th.(carowinds with camp people)
  3. august 18th.(moving into ciu)
  4. september 11th.(the beach trip)
  5. november 12-13th.(our hall retreat)

5 worst days of the year:
  1. august 20th(the day beth left)
  2. october 25th(i’m not talking about it)
  3. october 22-24th(midtown retreat. ruined my semester.)
  4. i’m not good enough
  5. at being negative. it was a good year. =]


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