stories about school

a different kind of homesick.

missing home here, and missing home anywhere else are such different things; it’s not a life crippling, crying every night, “GET ME OUT OF HERE NOW I WANNA GO HOME” kinda feel, it’s more of a “man i love my life, but why does it have to be so full that i can’t step out of it for a night to sit in my kitchen and tell my mom about it” kind.(the first i’ve actually only felt in charleston, i usually don’t even have the second in most places)
this must be what it feels like to be my friends from far away who only see their families at christmas and summer time. and now that i think of it, it must drive them crazy to hear me whine about how i haven’t been home since last weekend. sorry yall. =[
i’m so thankful for ciu. this, not charleston, is THE perfect distance from home.


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