stories about nothing and everything

i need to STOP dreaming about soda…(SPOILER ALERT: if you haven’t seen black swan and want to, don’t read this.)

i think my no soda for a year resolution is slowly driving me insane.
this is the fifth night in a row that my dreams have had to do with my wanting to drink soda but am not supposed to.
[if you’re easily disturbed or just want to keep liking me, run away fast. i don’t have normal dreams and usually don’t tell people about them for this reason…]

so i was at the oscars with the cast of glee, doing a giant puzzle(in this room with white walls, and the puzzle was this giant 3D maze that we could crawl through when we were done. chris colfer had stolen it from jk rowling’s basement) and i was asking every star that i saw if i could have a hug, then i left cuz jk rowling called us to let us know she was on her way to kill us.

i doubt if there really is a big ballet studio across the street from the kodak theater in hollywood(that’s where the oscars are…if you didn’t know), but i had apparently started ballet again with one of my friends from school(SO random b/c i’ve only had maybe three conversations with her), and she meets me outside and says we’re late and gonna get fired or something. so we go to mcdonalds, and we went in the bathroom and she busted the mirror and smashed my face into all the glass on the floor, and while i was bleeding to death, she sat and drank a whole two liter of dr pepper in like ten seconds and dumped the last few drops on my face cuz she didn’t have any salt to put on me.(and even in my dreams, i’m always finding something funny in any situation; i kept trying to lick off what i could, but couldn’t reach anything, and couldn’t stop laughing about it.)

somehow or another i “wake up”(i think i was having a dream within a dream) in the parking lot of the gas station near my house and i’m not dying anymore, and one of my guy friends comes and takes me back to school, and i wake up(for real for real wake up) in my bed at school.(which makes things way more confusing b/c that made it feel for a minute like it really happened)
funny thing is, i can totally psychologically pick this one apart. every single piece makes sense to me. except for the mcdonalds bathroom, and the puzzle(the rest is of course due to my falling asleep craving dr pepper while contemplating the oscars and whether natalie portman will win for black swan(in which she’s a ballerina who stabs a girl in a mirror), and both ciu people i had just been with an hour before i went to sleep. and at elizabeth’s house i was looking at this old magazine with jk rowling on the front of it.)

i would have so much fun in therapy. i could terrify any shrink with this stuff.
[just kidding. i just watched the  trailer again and don’t know why anyone would ever watch this movie or why i had wanted to for a minute.]


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