stories about school

i like metaphors and hugs, a lot.

soccer gives me a headache. but it’s like watching the matrix: so much fun, but i don’t get what’s going on. and it would probably be even better if i did get it.(although that’s not the best comparison; i LOVE soccer, and it’s always fun, while i really don’t like the matrix much. but both would be better if i understood them.)

you know how we all speak english, but i understand southern a lot better than yankee talk? well, think of soccer like english, and all the positions like different englishes within english.
i speak goalie. i LIKE being in the goal. it’s home. i run that place. i get what’s going on up in there. i know what to do even if i don’t do it all the time. it’s easy: pray the ball doesn’t come to you; when it does, just find a way to catch it. even if i miss it, at least i understand what i did wrong. and i’m pretty good at it if i remember not to freak out so much. but neither of those little instincts help outside the goal.(i can’t touch the ball, and i’m told to ask for it. so opposite.)
but, put me in the field, and i feel like an illegal immigrant. i don’t like it there, i don’t understand anything people are saying, no one wants me to be there, everything moves too fast, and everyone expects me to know why they’re yelling at me.
[this makes me wanna go hug a mexican.]
if i had a really colorful dictionary of soccer terms, i could figure this stuff out. i’m not working out so well with this listening thing.(why is the world made for audio learners, when most people are visual anyways?)
although i think i’m close to a breakthrough here: does “man on” mean “home girl’s got the ball and nobody’s around, somebody go stop her” or does it mean “hey you with the ball, somebody’s coming, put the ball someplace else”?
then i kept on thinking and i started thinking of all sports like different languages.
i speak a little bit of basketball since i coached scott’s teams for a little while. but i understand more than i can speak(as in, i’m better at watching than playing; i’m really short.)
baseball is like english. it was my first “language” and so it’s the easiest, most natural thing in the world to me. if you could find a baseball comparison for any soccer word, i’d catch on right away. i can play, i can watch, and i can teach it, and i’m never confused.
i speak football okay ever since north vs south, even though i’m still real fuzzy on a lot of things.
and soccer is like italian. i’m willing to learn but i just can’t get it. but it’s fun to try even so.(it’s been a long time since i tried to learn italian. it was after i read some john grisham book.)

the fact that i wrote this whole post in my head during practice probably explains a lot.(i really was listening when people were explaining things to me!! i can do almost anything and write at the same time.[it’s like breathing])


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