just a thought.

why twitter is better than facebook.

just for starters, i’m not [exactly] hating on facebook. i’m just as addicted to it as anyone else, and i have no intention of ever deleting it. i’m not trying to make anyone feel stupid for liking facebook or for not having a twitter. there are some things more convenient about it(like more of my friends having it than twitter). i don’t always mind notifications(it makes my day to have 10 and it’s all people writing real things on my wall or making out-of-the-ordinary comments on my pictures, or my favorite is when people comment on my notes. even though i never write notes anymore, i’d rather write here. here i know how many people are reading me, whether they comment or not.)

1. it’s acceptable for me to post 12 times in 5 minutes.(and it isn’t annoying when others do the same)
2. there are no chain letters. the 140 character limit is such a blessing.(i’ll admit it gets to be a pain sometimes since i have really long thoughts, but it’s a challenge. i have to make my thoughts concise. it’s probably good practice for writing real papers. you don’t know how many i’ve gotten back saying i’ve said too much.)
3. trending topics and #hashtags to make things easier to search for.
4. you don’t get notifications. (that too is a love hate thing. i wish something popped up when someone sent me a message but it still beats having 10 notifications, ALL because people were having a conversation on your status. i hate that.)
5. people can’t comment on your posts. see, if you want to let the person know what you thought about what they said, you have to grow a pair and send them a message, in which you’re more likely to say something more meaningful than…i can’t think of a specific example. but you know what i mean. you can ‘favorite’ a tweet, but the person who posted it won’t know unless they look at your favorites list and see it. (this is piggybacking off the no notifications thing)
6. retweeting. this ensures that when someone says something original and witty, and someone wants to quote them, credit always goes to the original poster.(i LOVE this. i feel like my fun thoughts are safer there. sadly i’ve been copied on facebook more often than i’ve been retweeted.)
7. someone can follow you[like being their ‘friend’] without you having to follow them. for stalkers like me, this works out well. (although i hate it when i follow a real life friend and they refuse to follow me back) and again, you aren’t notified when someone new follows you.
8. it very, VERY rarely changes. and when it does, they let us know like a month in advance, and ease us slowly into it. they give us an option to switch to the new site, and if we don’t like it, we can switch back. this option goes away after a while, but i liked the new one so much that i kept it right away anyways. (see, their updates make sense. they always have good reasons which they fully explain. they don’t fix fences that aren’t broken.)
9. no ads. i’m not sure how they do this, but somehow there aren’t.
10. it’s just so simple. your whole life isn’t on it. there are related sites like twitpic for pictures or twitlonger for blog-ish posts, and you can link to those in your tweets if you want your followers to see them.
11. you can make lists of certain people that you follow so it’s easier to see just their tweets.(facebook took off the option of seeing only certain lists in your news feed when they last updated)
12. i love following celebrities. i feel like i know them a little.(that is a little sad. i’ll admit it. but it’s fun. don’t judge. =] )
13. you have so much more control over everything than you do with facebook.
14. it doesn’t suck you in and take up 2 hours of your time. facebook has so much going on that it’s hard to keep track of how long you’ve spent on it.(i’ve worked HARD to kick that habit, and it’s still tough. this is why no facebook february is probably good for me.) it’s very possible on twitter to jump on for 30 seconds, say one thing, and come right back off without feeling like you missed something.

all this to say. i don’t make it my life’s ambition to feel better about myself by acting like all facebook users are pathetic. i’m simply stating why i happen to see twitter as the better of two good things.
if you’re one of those cool people who has one, please follow @linder_lou =]


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