just a thought.

germ-x is to the hands as hiding from people is to the heart.

this can be something of a preview of my next post which is almost finished but i felt like there was too much crammed in it. so this genius little metaphor can stand on its own.
hiding your heart is like using germ-x too much(which is also something i do but don’t plan on fixing). see, my mom says that even though it kills all the germs on your hands, it also kills good bacteria that you need. my argument is always “i’d rather have all the bad stuff killed and the good stuff too, then leave some bad stuff there and trust the good stuff to take care of it.”
that’s what hurting people do. they seal away their hearts so that nothing can hurt it, not realizing that they’re also keeping it from anything that could help it
that is not okay.
and i need to stop doing it.
more on this later.
“you’ve pulled away from the love that would’ve been there…”(tobymac)


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