just a thought.

to know anyone is to love them.

the other day, i was thinking about how when you’re praying for your enemies, or even just people you don’t like much, it’s hard to think of them negatively. and lots of times when i’ve gotten to know someone better who i thought i didn’t like, i change my mind pretty fast.

some famous person who i can’t remember said “i don’t like that person, i must get to know them better.” he(or she) has it right.

so, i’ve come to this conclusion: the phrase “to know me is to love me” applies to everyone.

when you pray for someone, it forces you to look at them through God’s eyes. and when you spend time with someone and figure out why they are how they are, you realize how much you were missing when you made your first opinion. if you really know them, you can’t help but love them.
people are a certain way for a certain reason. no one is just born mean(or any other thing that makes people not like them). there’s always a story. an invisible thing. if you’re willing to dig for it, it can make all the difference in how you look at someone.


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