stories about nothing and everything

a great big happy list.

100 things that make me smile…

1. Jesus.
2. being outside.
3. sunshine.
4. rain(on tuesdays, thursdays, sundays or saturdays at least…)
5. HUGS. lots and lots and lots of hugs.
6. pasta night.
7. goalie-ing for fun. just the sheer joy of seeing the ball coming, jumping, catching it, and falling in the mud, and hearing how happy i made everybody. i don’t need anything else. no pressure. nobody waiting to tell me what i did wrong whether i saved it or not. no one yelling words at me that i don’t understand. not even a score. just me and the ball and the ground.
8. the after-practice smell in my room.
9. my ipod.
10. pictures.
11. snowglobes.
12. walker b.
13. chapel.
14. hall meetings.
15. mail. real, handwritten mail. especially in box 1094(hint hint hint ;] )
16. being encouraged.
17. encouraging other people.
18. christmas.
19. laughing.
20. friends. (those amazing wonderful awesome people)
21. friends. (the best show in the world)
22. full house.
23. sleepovers.
24. popcorn.
25. the smell of daniel’s car. (domino’s delivery guy=permanent pizza scent on the passenger seat)
26. people.
27. hearing people’s stories.
28. hermeneutics.
29. eggs. not the ones from the caf with the weird yellow stuff dripping off of em. my own scrambled eggs. (i make great ones)
30. song lyrics that perfectly fit my day.
31. the days where i feel like all i need is Jesus and no one else.(i know i should feel that way every day, and wish i did)
32. thursday nights.
33. my twin. ;]
34. the smell of new pointe shoes.
35. sunrises.
36. camp.
37. little kids.
38. summer.
39. warm weather.
40. the beach in september.
41. the ocean.
42. downtown charleston.
43. scrapbooking.
44. ultimate frisbee.
45. acoustic#3 by the goo goo dolls. (it just came up on my itunes, and i do love it a whole whole lot, so i added it.)
46. being me.
47. riding in the gator.
48. the lake at camp. at any time of the day, but preferably around 7 pm in the summer.
49. my walker b sweatpants.
50. pajamas.
51. the princess bride.
52. owl city.
53. my bed.
54. the number 54.
55. the number 7.
56. cabin 56!!!!!!!!
57. jenna. =]
58. guatemala. or the idea of it. i’ll make it there someday.
59. books.
60. paul.(as in, the coolest missionary ever, or you might know him best as the guy who wrote all that great stuff in the new testament)
61. north vs south.
62. blue slushies.
63. making people feel loved.
64. monkeys.
65. the energizer bunny.
66. dashboard confessional.
67. singing in the car with people who don’t care how any of us sound.
68. spontaneous road trips.
69. facebook.
70. writing.
71. journaling.(i really don’t put ALL my thoughts online, as much as it might sound. [i have lots of thoughts.])
72. swings.
73. baseball.
74. midtown.
75. thinking.
76. seeing people who i haven’t seen in a long time.
77. happy people.
78. meeting new people.
79. talking for hours about nothing and everything. (like every night of welcome week in sarah and paulina’s room)
80. prayer days.
81. water.
82. jumping in pools when it’s freezing cold out.
83. mudsliding.
84. the color yellow. (my favorite color is actually blue and purple, but yellow just looks so happy it’s hard not to smile around it.)
85. being wanted.
86. chocolate milk.
87. countdowns.
88. twitter.
89. glee. watching the show or listening to the music, doesn’t matter. i have never come back un-smiling from either.
90. running into campers in random places around south carolina.(one of them is on my brother’s cross country team, and i didn’t even know it until months after their season had started) especially when they recognize me and i hear a voice screaming “MISS LINDA!!!!!!” and then i turn around and get tackled by a little girl smiling her face off. it’s the best feeling in the world.
91. yellow highlighters.
92. unexpectedly finding out an absolutely random thing i have in common with someone.
93. my cat.
94. just ciu in general.
95. my roommate, my RA, and my FLTs. coolest people ever to live with.
96. bloons tower defense 4. (go to and play. it’s addictive)
97. my grandma.
98. baking cookies with matthew.
99. stars. when you’re out in the middle of nowhere(like camp, or the farm, or fripp island) and you can see all kinds of em. like sugar all over the sky ;]
100. my soccer team. (i really love yall. a lot.)


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