stories about nothing and everything

play doh vs concrete.

i hate change probably 86% of the time. even the littlest things. i don’t like setting my clock back and forth, i don’t like getting new shoes unless i can keep the old ones, and when i was little i even hated getting a new toothbrush.
but as much as i dread and resist change, there are some that are just what i need.
i was talking to someone the other day about high school friendships never lasting. and i know why that’s true of most of them. they either try too hard to keep things the same, or they see that they can’t stay the same and just drop out of each other’s lives.
without even meaning to or thinking about it, me and my best friend didn’t do that.
it’s pretty simple, we’re just two dr pepper addicts with identical minds who understand how life works and don’t freak out about it.
i think that life is like a hill that people roll down together. most people’s friendships are like a big ball of concrete. it’s soft at first, but the longer it stays together, it sets to where it won’t move anymore. so once it’s like that, the further down the hill it rolls, it starts to break. but play doh on the other hand, while it’s still made of the same stuff, its shape changes to compensate when it bumps into something.
i used to say we were like crazy glue, sticking together no matter how life tries to pull us apart, but i came up with the play doh concept a couple minutes ago and fell in love with it.(i don’t care if most people think i’m crazy, God gave me the coolest brain ever. how do i come up with this stuff?) we do stick together, but we move along with life at the same time.
and we aren’t even trying. it just works. this thing that we refer to as “us” is just a great big blessing straight from heaven that i will never understand. and i’m pretty sure that no matter what our lives throw at us, we’ll always be like that. our conversations in sonic parking lots will just change with the years and they won’t be at 2 am anymore.


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