stories about school

"why IS ciu awesome?"

someone asked a few days ago where i thought of my blog title.
good question.

i started this the day after i moved in here.(my first post was originally written as a facebook note, then i added it here, if you wondered what it was doing there. if you’ve read it you know what i mean) originally i only planned on using this to write about things God teaches me here, and just fun stories of all my random adventures. so i knew the name would have to have something ciu related in it. and even though i have friends from 11 countries(mexico, chad, hungary, indonesia, japan, belarus, england, canada, china, thailand, and korea), there still aren’t a whole ton of internationals, which i always thought was funny even before i came here, so, the best i could come up with was to take out the international and replace it with my lame attempt to describe how much i love this place.

after i finished a rant to that effect, she asked why exactly it was awesome. and i did a pretty sucky job of explaining, i think. you know how it’s hard for me to talk about camp because i love it so much? so i write about it instead. (and even that isn’t good enough, i don’t think) ciu is pretty close to that. and i realized, i write so much more about camp here than i do about the initial subject of all this.
so i’m doing what i do best and making a list.
disclaimer: this isn’t what i would put on a list of reasons people should come here. this is just why i personally think this is heaven on earth.

1. people are NICE.
i remember jamie saying that our first night here, and she didn’t even have csu to compare it to. but really. i had met about 30 people in my first two hours. i didn’t even make that many friends in my whole year at that other place.
2. upperclassmen actually like freshmen. (i know i’m not one, but most people think i am, and i count myself in with them a lot since i do live with them and we’ve been at ciu the same amount of time)
i was so surprised the first day that all the old students moved back in, and these two seniors come up to my table, and they’re like “are you guys freshmen?” and i was like “well, almost” and they get all excited like they just met a celebrity and they’re like “can we PLEASE sit with you?” (still one of my favorite moments of the whole year)
3. people actually act like Christians.
i know i shouldn’t be surprised by that, but again, i had a horrible example of a “Christian school” before. so i figured, it can’t be as good as it sounds. see, like 5 days before we moved in, i came to ciu to fill some stuff out and talk to mike thompson, and kimberly gray was in the office and she showed me around and i was asking her all this stuff, and everything she was telling me i kept thinking, this isn’t real, this is too good to be true, something has to give. but i still haven’t been disappointed, and i really doubt if i will be now.
4. everyone likes it here and wants to be here.
i know everyone’s getting sick of the csu comparisons, but that IS the biggest reason i like ciu so much. i never hear anyone hear say they’re only here because it’s close to home, or because it’s the only place they could afford(that one isn’t really possible to say here), or because their parents wouldn’t pay anywhere else(that is probably true for some people, but it’s not the only reason they’re here). i know everyone has things they don’t like about it(yes, even me, as much as i go on and on about how great it is), but not enough that they’re constantly whining about it.
5. it’s so tiny.
after about two weeks, i had seen every face at least once. by this point i even know most people’s first names even if i’ve never talked to them. i never wanted to go to a school where i was always seeing people i didn’t know. i love the family feel of campus. plus, i never got lost in my first week here, but even if i had needed to ask some senior where something was, they NEVER would have laughed at me. (see number 2 above) not that i speak from experience or anything…rrr.
6. the professors, and even the president, want to and really try to get to know their students.
dr jones knows my name. i can’t even tell you what csu’s president looked like. most of my teachers know my name, and even if they don’t, they at least recognize me if i come to their office one day. if i walked past most of my teachers at the other place they wouldn’t be able to tell you if i was in their class or not.(with the exception of those from public speaking[that teacher only liked me because i was funny, my speeches sucked], english[woman thought every word out of my head was golden, i’m pretty sure everyone in my class hated me], and my advisor who also taught my general psych, child psych, and freshman seminar[she’s still one of my favorite old ladies ever, i could sit in her office and talk to her all day if i was lonely])
7. it’s the perfect distance from home.
this doesn’t apply to many people, but whatever. i get to have whatever level of separation i feel like. i can go home every night or never. it’s actually in my control here. (i had thought 2 hours away was ok, but when you have no friends and no license, you may as well be 2 states away since you still never leave except on breaks)
8. they don’t make us write papers much.
i know i haven’t taken many classes here yet, but even from what i hear from upperclassmen, most classes have a lot more reading than writing. heck, csu even made us write papers in math class.
9. God wants me here.
obviously, anything will be ten times better when it’s smack in the middle of God’s will. but when you understand WHY God wants what He wants, it’s even better. now, as much as i hated it there, i am still convinced that God did call me to csu. even though He didn’t plan on keeping me there, but that one year was still part of the plan. but i didn’t understand why He did that to me, and sometimes i’m still not sure. here, i totally get it. and i’m never leaving. i’m gonna write a whole other post on this now.


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