stories about life and God

a little newsboys, and a lot of God.

turn the page, can’t turn the light out
every word, every page, carries to my soul.
dark letters on a page, singing so loud
where did i go wrong not to hear You?

see, i’m really dense when it comes to God telling me things. i prefer writing on the wall, He prefers making me blind for a while. but what happens is, eventually i see that what i thought was one thing was actually God giving me the answer i’ve been looking for. 

eighteen years, i guess it was all right
i’ll let you do the thinking and i’ll just bide my time.
father to son, sunday hand-me-down
where did i go wrong not to hear your song?

for real. it’s been being sung all around me in so many different ways, and i’ve only just started really listening to it in the past few months. 

it’s a beautiful sound, moving through the crowd
voices lifted up on high to you.
it’s a beautiful song, we’ve only just begun,
to understand rediscovering you.

that’s what my whole year, and especially this semester, has been about. rediscovering God. figuring out who He really is versus the God that i squeezed into my own mold, my preferences, the God i wanted versus the God i need(who turns out to be better than the one i thought i wanted anyways. it’s a win-win deal)

to have found You, and still be looking for You
it’s the soul’s paradox of love
you fill my cup, i lift it up for more
i won’t stop now that i’m free.
i’ll be chasing you like you chase me.

i’m only just now realizing how much God wants me. and now i’m wanting Him more than i ever have, and i still feel like i don’t want Him enough. but i’m in on the chase now.

something tells me it’s all right.
you know it’s gonna be all right.

yes. it’s all right. i’m all right again. i had forgotten what that felt like.  


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