just a thought.

and i wish that time would just slow down…

we are SIX weeks into the semester already. we have two little bitty blink-once-and-they’re-over weeks until spring break. (seriously. you people need to stop blinking so much. you’re speeding my life up and i don’t appreciate it.) i’m still writing 2010 on my papers and saying the words “this semester” referring to the fall, and the spring is almost over. this has to stop.
don’t get me wrong, i want summer to come because i want to be at camp, but i like my friends a lot too. i don’t want to spend three months apart from them and i don’t want to get closer to the day when we’ll live all over campus instead of in the same building.
not that most of my friends are freshmen actually. there’s a whole lot of people i can’t wait to live apart from, now that i think about it. it’s sadder thinking about all my friends that are graduating. i have more of those than i realized. and i can’t stop kicking myself for not coming here in the first place. then i would have known them for two years instead of just one.(but i would have had the same complaints about the ones that were seniors last year and i never met. wow, that is sad…i’m shutting up now)
and i also have no plan for next year, and i like plans. they’re comforting. like a cheat sheet. i don’t know where i’ll be living or who i’ll live with and i don’t want to decide any of it this soon.(calm down. yes i’m staying at ciu. they don’t make any other schools this awesome, why would i leave?)
there are already so many things i don’t like about next year and it hasn’t even started yet. but since it’ll be starting tomorrow, i may as well come to terms with it now, right?
i like my roommate(probably changing). i like my soccer team(half of it, plus the coach, will be gone and different). i like my schedule(i got lucky and worked out my classes so they were at the same times as last semester, but i doubt if i can do that for a third time in a row) i like my room(i have a creeper window, it has carpet so i never have to sweep it, i don’t have to climb any stairs to get to it, heck i don’t even have to walk more than 5 feet down the hall to get to it. why would i want to give that up?).
i want time to stand still long enough for me to enjoy and appreciate things the way they are, maybe even get sick of them, and then i’ll be ready for new stuff. last semester crawled by slower than dances with wolves(longest, most boring movie i ever saw, and i watched it when i was sick so i couldn’t even do anything else at the same time) and by the end i was ready for everything to change and flip inside out. this one is NOT cooperating.

just a thought.


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