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i am the queen of spontaneity.

[i just now checked the dictionary to see if i spelled that right, and i did, on my first try. score.]

i never plan things. and if i do, i don’t do them like i planned.
i’ve never met a plan that i didn’t want to change.
the only thing i’ve ever planned for a long time, and then did, was work at camp. but even then, i always said i would never ever be a cabin leader, and now that’s all i want to ever do.
other than that, most big things i do are spur of the moment ideas.

when i was eight i suddenly wanted violin lessons.
when i was ten, i took up softball. (and i’ve been obsessed with baseball ever since)
when i was twelve i randomly decided i wanted to take dance.
i got bored and watched the oscars when i was thirteen and a half, and that’s when i started watching real movies.
and even though it was followed by an actual call from God, the idea that i wanted to go to real college instead of film school was pretty sudden. (what i was supposed to do there and where i would go came popping into my head pretty quickly after that)
probably the most random was when i woke up and thought “i think i’d make a good soccer goalie.” i played later that same day and figured out i loved it.
so three days later i took a great big leap and decided i’d join the ciu team.
and so i did. i still don’t know where the thought came from, but i’m glad it did, even if it only turned out to be half true.


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