so many thoughts…so little time. a little preview.

i’ve gotten through the worst of #3!! week!! i can write REAL things now!!
but not for long, since i also finally have time to sleep. and i know that tomorrow morning, i’m less likely to kick myself for sleeping than i will for writing all night.
i have too many things i’ve been wanting to write about, and i don’t have time to expound on any of them tonight, so i’ll write a little bit about each and will soon get full posts out.

1. writing is like breathing: if it isn’t part of my day, my thoughts don’t make sense. ok. breathing is a little more important. but really, i don’t understand anything unless i have written words. and when they’re my own words, that makes it even easier. i love my words and even if it sounds really big headed, i love to see my own thoughts on a page.(note, i do like seeing other people’s thoughts better) just because they make so much sense that way. [i’ve written enough on this, so this is not one of the things i’ll be posting later, but it was my first thought and i’m big on stream-of-consciousness blogging]

2. i want to be more like paul. and being the unbelievably humble person he is(which is one trait of his i wish i had), if he were to hear me say that, he would be correcting me and saying i should strive to be more like Jesus. but then i would explain that that’s WHY i’m trying to be more like him, and i hope he would take the compliment and hush. i’m already like him in a whole lot of ways(i SWEAR that man had ADD. have you ever tried to make a mechanical layout from any of his stuff?), but with the most important ways, it’s heartbreakingly convicting to read about. definitely more coming on this.

3. i use the phrase “that was a long time ago” (in my “dadgum it how is that possible” tone[yes i have one of those, you’ve heard it before]) a lot. there are so many great things that i can’t remember anything about, other than the fact that they happened. i have a post-in-the-making sitting in my drafts.

4. i’m one of the most dense people in the world when it comes to poetry, or in this case song lyrics(i’m still real upset from when i found out about “here’s to the night” by eve 6. i refuse to admit that it’s about anything other than saying goodbye to old friends), but there are some things that i just get. the other day, i was on pandora(i made a station for dave barnes’s “little lies” and it’s my new favorite, i have yet to have my ears assaulted by the beatles on that) and “brick” by ben folds five came on. i’d never heard it before, but i listened, and right away i knew exactly what they were talking about(i don’t want to say, because it might make me look bad to have picked up on something like that right away…if you’re about to jump and listen to the song, just know beforehand that i have not been in anything even close to the situation they’re singing about). i even googled it to make sure, and every site i checked agreed with what i thought it meant.
(take THAT mr jones, who says i have no interpretational skills or can’t “think beyond the literal or obvious”?[he did, however, applaud me when i was the only one who found any deep significance in that poem about the plums])

5. i am just ready to bounce off the walls waiting for camp. i’ve never been this excited or impatient about getting back, and i’m hoping this means God has something really big and awesome planned. which is always the case, but it can always get bigger and awesomer.


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