stories about nothing and everything

i always miss dancing. today i miss teaching.

anyone who’s seen me at camp knows that i don’t like to rest. i have to be doing something at all times. if they don’t schedule me a free time, i find one to help out with instead of taking a break. if they give me or my cit the option to have a break, i always let the other person take it.
this is not exclusive to camp.
when i danced, and i would have time between classes, i would always try to find a beginner class to help with. i love little kids and i love dance, and i love not having to sit still for an hour. a win-win-win deal. my favorite part was getting to stand in the wings at recitals and do the dance along with them so they could watch me if they forgot.
and my kids would stand outside my classes and watch me and tell me how good i did later. it always made up for how much i’d been told by everyone else that i sucked.
i think in a lot of ways, kids are better judges than we are. they think in simpler terms, they see the good things in people before the bad, and they’re brutally honest without even trying. they trust everyone. they never doubt people’s intentions.
why can’t we stay that way? why can’t we grow up, but still keep that innocent faith in people?


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