stories about nothing and everything

for real. who DID decide to figure out if all our blood was different?

1. i realize i’m way late on this, but i finally got around to checking out mumford and sons, and like most everybody else who’s listened to them, i’m now in love. it’s sad they only have one album, but i don’t think i’ll get tired of it very fast anyways.
2. i have MISSED frisbee. i love soccer, but i hate that it keeps me from getting to play.
3. i’ve turned keeping my fish alive into a competition. this sucker WILL survive until the end of the semester. (plus, i like him a lot. i’d rather him live a while anyways)
4. baseball season makes me SO excited. i really need to find people to play with.
5. there are 35 calendar days, 15 class days(for me at least; i don’t have any mondays), 34 class periods, and 15 chapels left in this semester. heck, in this year. i’m not sure how i feel about it yet, but for now i’m in a mood where i don’t want it to end. i’m sure when i wake up on tuesday i’ll be wanting it to be over again.
6. brooke fraser, jack johnson and joshua radin are the absolute most relaxing things to listen to. i’ve never not wanted to hear one of them.(with most music, even total favorites like dashboard or lifehouse or train, i have times when i absolutely don’t feel like listening to them)
7. i really love home sharing. i feel like a creeper, (especially when they don’t have a first and last name on their library, and i try to figure out who it is by the music in it)but if they wanted to hide their music, they could.
8. i calculated that, even though it’ll be a suicide mission, i can graduate in may 2013 like everyone else i graduated high school with. all i have to do is take 6 credits this summer, CLEP out of my humanities and social sciences credits, then take a winter course at some point. i didn’t even think it would be possible, so i’m pretty much jumping at the idea of tons of work for the next two years.
9. cady groves is amazing. go listen to her. right now.
10. i love my friends.


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