stories about life and God

philippians 4:7.

“i’ve got the peace that passes all understanding, down in my heart.”(that’s not how the verse goes. but that song makes me happy and it comes from the same verse, ya know.)
and i really can’t understand it, much less explain it. i guess it’s because i’m not supposed to. it just doesn’t work that way. i can have it, but i can’t know why.
i should be frustrated. i should be whining to everyone who will listen about how nothing is for sure anymore, how i have no idea what’s happening and need to know so i can pick a plan B.
well, i won’t say should. more like i would normally be. but, somehow i’m not.
God is so weird. but in the coolest way ever. i like Him a lot.
keep praying, but keep not asking. when everything is figured out, i’ll write all about it.


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