stories about camp · stories about memories

war stories.

i don’t happen to find silence awkward. as much as i love to talk and love listening even more, i don’t mind occasional silence. it lets me think, and if i never got to think, i would never write. and all of you faithful readers(note the sarcasm)wouldn’t like that much.
however, i do love it if when i’m with my friends and there’s a silence, and someone asks to hear a camp story. i never run out of them, so i never have to think very hard to come up with one on the spot.
this is the one that just now came in my head.
one day me and lia were down at the lake running canoeing, and lia puts her feet just on top of the water, and we laugh at how much dirt comes off of them. i stick my feet out and try to do the same thing…but they don’t reach that far.
i have a whole genre of “laughs at the expense of linda’s small-ness”.


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