rambles on ciu sports

thoughts from games 2 and 3.

game 2:
meh. i don’t wanna talk about it. all you need to know is we tied 6-6.

but today? oh my gosh. SIX to freaking FOUR!!!! we may not be the best at those “one-touches” coach talks about, but we know how to make epic comebacks better than every cheesy sports movie i’ve ever seen.
and i got my 30 seconds of fame this time. it’s really all i ask for.
i’ve kind of made my peace with sitting on the bench. i get to say we won, without doing any work myself, i can’t make any mistakes from there, and the best part is getting to laugh with our “fans” more(when i’m in the goal i’m too focused and can’t hear them; like the commentator at north vs south[people said he was funny. but i never heard him once the whole game]). whether we win or lose, it’s worth it to be on the team just for them.
not to say that i’m not waiting all game long for coach to say my name. i’m just lighting a candle instead of cursing the darkness.(i can’t remember who said that, but for the record i didn’t come up with that on my own)
the team we played tonight had been number one in the league, but we just now kicked them off their thrones. if this does not prove we’re for real, i don’t know what does. =]

1. so all of us on the bench are standing up watching. we had all gotten so excited that we didn’t notice that we kept moving forward, until finally the ref blows the whistle, and says(in his amazing mexican accent) “excuse me? you all are subbing?” we look at each other, then we look down, and we realize we’re standing right on the line. =]
2. “bless us all this christmas…wait…”
3. tutawapiga!!!

only three more weeks of this…=/


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